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Dead Space
Episode 70

Dead Space (1991)

On this weeks episode of The Floptimists, we take a deep dive into the 1991, Sci-Fi/Horror movie called "Dead Space". Your host for this week is me, Dave, and of course, it makes sense that I would pick a movie with that name (shout out to all you Dead Space the game fans).

Dead Space is a pretty run of the mill space sci-fi/horror that is full of it's own charm, whimzy and all around nonsense that just makes it an absolute gem to watch in our opinion. Head over to Plex and give it go or just listen to us spoil the hell out of it and have a great laugh :)

Join us in the space sauna for this one and thanks for listening!

Episode 69

Starcrash (1978)

You've probably heard of Starcrash before - but have you actually seen it? Yea... its kind of a Star Wars rip-off - but its so much more too! Space swimming, Space cave-men, Ineffective space Amazons, giant fembots, capes, power-masks, poorly explained god-like powers, space prison and thats just scratching the surface!

Join us this week as we dive into this Italian star-wars derivative as we talk Roger Corman, terrible miniatures, awful dubbing, a young Hasselhoff and how this movie is kind of a proto-Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The Quake
Episode 68

The Quake (2018)

This week we're shaking things up and watching a disaster movie that isn't completely nonsensical! We watched 2018's The Quake (or to give it it's original Norwegian title, Skjelvet).

We've watched a lot of disaster movies over our 68 episodes, but this one really drives home the humanity of a natural disaster. And by humanity, we of course mean the ineptitude of everyone involved, be they terrible parents or equally as terrible geologists. This is the movie the Norwegian Tourist Board (probably) called: "More than concerning". With the added bonus of being a sequel to a movie that neither Dave or Ian knew existed until we recorded this.

So join us, as expert Warren guides 2 dumb-dumbs on a journey with a wander down memory lane, a few meanders, and more than a few name drops of that hotel with the colour in it's name, you know the one...

Jurassic Valley (Kingdom of The Dinosaurs)
Episode 67

Jurassic Valley (Kingdom of The Dinosaurs) (2022)

This week on The Floptimists, we managed to sit around the table together to record this belter of an episode! Our movie for this episode is Jurassic Valley. The 2022, Scott Jeffrey directed Action/Sci-Fi romp.

Jurassic Valley is your really just your classic action movie that wears it's inspiration on it's sleeve and gives it a good college try replicate that magic as best as possible. I will leave it to you, to decide if they achieved that goal or not!

Or, if you're not bothered with that, just listen to the episode and hear us talk about this one extensively while it's on the tele in the background (sorry for so many TV references folks :P)

As mentioned, we recorded this one in person so we apologise if there is any audio fuckery but I (Dave) edited this one and I think it turned out pretty good :) make sure you listen to the end, for some nonsense.

Martial Outlaw
Episode 66

Martial Outlaw (1993)

Oh shit. Its another Jeff Wincott flick - you know what that means! Stick fighting action, 10 on 1 mayhem, crooked cops, useless police chiefs, ill fitting suits, filthy LA, table body slams and Jeff fucking Wincott!

Join us as we take a look at the next feature from the Wincottalogue, following straight after the awesome entry that was Mission of Justice. Does it stack up? Does it increase the action? Does it include more stick fighting!?

Lets. Find. Out.

The Core
Episode 65

The Core (2003)

After dipping our toes into the world of artist movie making last episode, now we're sending the show on a downwards trajectory and watching 2003's CGI challenged,  disaster/exploration movie, The Core! A tour de force featuring a cast so jam packed with talent (Aaron Eckhart, Hillary Swank, Stanley Tucci), they didn't even have the budget for a peach.

Seriously, go watch this movie! NOW!!!

And after you've had the greatest visual 2 hours of your recent memory,  join us for a deep dive into a movie Dave calls a "hodgepodge of nonsense". Where we'll discuss the 100% legitimate science, the leaps & bounds hacking has made since the millennium was only new, & Ian's obsessive note taking.

Thanks for listening everyone!

The Head Hunter
Episode 64

The Head Hunter (2018)

Hello! It's me, Dave! Hope you've all been keeping well while I was off for a little while. I am back now and this is my first pick since returning and oh boy am I off to a bad start haha.

This weeks episode covers the 2018 horror/fantasy movie, The Head Hunter from Jordan Downey. I can't stress enough that this one is really hard to write a blurb about, as the movie is quite vague in every aspect.

The Head Hunter, follows the story of one man's mission of vengeance against the monster that killed his daughter. That's about it. With this one, I would suggest listening to our thoughts first to see if this one interests you in any way at all.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Episode 63

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1986)

Rutger Hauer? Gene Simmons? Bounty Hunters? Terrorism? CIA? All the best ingredients to make an 80's action masterpiece - or does it?

This week we threw on our baggy leather to sit down and watch the 1986 movie Wanted: Dead or Alive. We talk dodgy Rabbi disguises, Nasa bombs, explosions, awful house boats, Boy Meets World, Gene Simmons drip, casual drink-driving, leather, doing shots in your car and we ponder if this truly lives up to its 60's western tv show namesake. 

Will Steve McQueen be spinning in his grave?

Episode 62

Deathstalker (1983)

On this weeks episode of The Floptimists, we watched and discussed the 1983 Action/Fantasy movie, Deathstalker. Directed by James Sbardellati and written by Howard R. Cohen. 

Deathstalker doesn't ask much of it's viewers, but it certainly makes the viewer ask, what the fuck is going on here? From boobs to chalices of ultimate power, and some other stuff in between all that, we follow the story of a lone hero, Deathstalker, on his quest to find the powerful wizard/pimp Munkar.

Some say this is a cult classic. 

You decide. Or listen to us decide, whatever works for you. Oh and Dave (me) is back.

Thanks for listening!

Night of The Demons
Episode 61

Night of The Demons (1988)

What happens when a group of kids drive out to a dilapidated location out in the woods to party and accidentally summon a demon which possesses each member one by one and the only way to survive is to make it through to the dawn? No we didn't watch The Evil Dead - we watched the 1988 classic Night of the Demons!

With Dave away and just the duo to survive the night, join us as we talk about the similarities to The Evil Dead, movies with "Night of the" in the title, great special effects, interesting shots, awful costumes, spooky dancing, ropey Italian stereotypes and a macguffin about a river surrounding the spooky "Hull House" that doesn't quite make sense.

Mutant Hunt
Episode 60

Mutant Hunt (1987)

We're back again and still needing someone to fill in for Dave. So we invited on friend of the show - Shane O'Neill so he could put us through the wringer using his vast knowledge of great terrible movies.

And wring us he most certainly did!

He stormed into our minimalist science lab, and slapped down 1987's Mutant Hunt. A Sci Fi Android Thriller filled to the brim with cheap sets, pointless characters, ramshackle tech, & drugged up robots! 

Join us as we discuss a production so shoddy, it has no right being this entertaining, and also so we can find out; What makes a cyborg, a cyborg... 

Double Suspicion
Episode 59

Double Suspicion (1994)

Our first special guest episode - featuring Andy Haskins!

With Dave still off for the next few eps we went and wrangled up our first guest on the show ever! And fortunately for us we also gave him the wheel and let him pick the movie - a Busey movie.

This week we cop-rolled into Double Suspicion - a movie that asks the question "is a 3 minute long sex scene with Gary Busy compelling?". Join us as we talk defenestration, butter knife scalpels, male stripping, Sex and the City, dutch angles, sexy spooky synth, phantom smoke, competitive rowing and so much more!

The Brain
Episode 58

The Brain (1988)

We're a little late with a Christmas episode, but luckily we have picked a Christmas movie that has ZERO to do with Christmas. We watched 1988's Hypno Horror, The Brain. A movie chock full of rubber monstrosities and genres of music never heard of before or  since.

Unfortunately Dave could not be with us this week, so join Ian & Warren as they discuss the science of Sodium, speedy local newspapers, & the biology of space brains that are trying to enslave the human race for no discernible reason!

Mission of Justice
Episode 57

Mission of Justice (1992)

Excuse me!? Brigitte Nielson and Jeff Wincott and Martial Arts!? I mean... woah. Just look at that movie poster!

Join us this week as we go undercover into a secret neo-fascist group* of martial artists and watch the 1992 movie, Mission of Justice. This movie really has it all. Defenestration, Police brutality, Mr Rogers, roundhouse kicks, undercover hijinks, vigilante assisted beatdowns, Shotgun blasts ....and thats just in the first 5 minutes!

*honestly we're still unsure here. The villains plot on this one is confusing.

Blood Monkey
Episode 56

Blood Monkey (2007)

So wait, you're telling me there's a straight to DVD movie made in 2007, starring the acting chops of F. Murray Abraham and an up and coming Matt Ryan, that was filmed both in Vietnam and a few very shaky sound stages, and despite being called Blood Monkey, it features very little blood and zero monkeys? 

Yes, yes we are.

Will The Floptimists be able to comprehend a movie so smart, it goes beyond intelligence?  Or will they they bumble their way through the many errors like a group of college students exploring an uncharted jungle for extra credit? Find out on this week's episode!

Nightmare Beach
Episode 55

Nightmare Beach (1989)

On this weeks episode of The Floptimists, we watched and discussed the 1989 horror movie, Nightmare Beach. Written and Directed by James Justice and Umberto Lenzi.

Nightmare Beach is a classic 1980's horror movie with some great special effects, excellent music and some very creative death scenes. If you like beaches, bikes and electrocutions, check this one out!

Thanks for listening everyone!

Episode 54

Demons (1985)

This week we watch a movie inside movie that interacts with that movie in which zombies from one movie enter another movie. Yeah, you guessed it - were back for another Italian horror entry!

We watched the 1985 movie Demons! directed by Lamberto Bava. It has everything on your Italian horror checklist! ADR, poor acting, gore, mystery, goblin score, worse acting, more gore, Chekhov's katana, Motley Crue, eye gouging, little goblin men, twists, metal masks, pimps, cocaine and a husband that just cant stand his wife.

So as we near the end of the spooky season settle in, relax and get ready for a movie that one Film critic called "chaotic, inconsistent and blithely indifferent to storytelling".

The Midnight Man
Episode 53

The Midnight Man (2016)

Join us as we get into Halloween spirit and unpack the dusty shoe box in your Granny's attic that is 2016 horror The Midnight Man! Where some horror movie veterans team up with some fresh face stars to play a game that probably won't end well for it's players.

It's a tale of one story's journey from Reddit Creepypasta, to Irish independent movie, to this! And all thanks to Cary Elwes brother!

In this episode we'll be discussing all the nonsense of the rules of the Midnight Man game to the nonsense of the plot in general. We also take a deep dive into The Floptimists' (well let's be honest, it's mostly Dave's) deepest and darkest fears!

The Beyond
Episode 51

The Beyond (1981)

Some spooky* audio issues delayed this one - but we're lit!

We're back in the land if Italian grindhouse cinema where everything is dubbed and nothing makes sense! This week we watched Lucio Fulchi's The Beyond! A movie that Roger Ebert immortalised as one of his "most-hated" movies and deemed it a film "filled with bad dialogue".

Join us as we make more connections to Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, get dazzled by some awesome effects - and some really terrible effects, Test Dave's patience with a spider sequence, dissect some terrible acting, get into the awesome score and talk about some actually great camera and shot work.

*The thing didn't work

Epsiode 52 - Falcon Rising
Episode 52

Epsiode 52 - Falcon Rising (2014)

This week on The Floptimists, we checked out the 2014 Action movie, Falcon Rising. Directed by Ernie Barbarash and written by the elusive and unknown Y.T Parazi. 

Falcon Rising stars Michael Jai White and Neal McDonagh. Falcon Rising is your template action movie, that is chock full of roundhouse kicks, face bashing and bone breaking. However, in this one, we have a severe lack of story and questionable film making.

This one is an interesting pick that we have a fun discussion about to try and decide if we do or do not like this flick. Check it out on Amazon Prime if you wish, or just jump into the episode and listen to us break it down!

Battle of the Flops!
Episode 50

Battle of the Flops! (2022)

Welcome to episode 50! 🎉

To celebrate this absolute dump truck of a milestone we decided to do something a liiiiiittle bit different. We decided to create a colosseum of Floptima and face off 3 celluloid Titans against each other for your listening pleasure! Thats right, we watched not 1 but 3 movies - selected for battle by each host - and watched together in one awe filled sitting. This is Battle of the Flops™! 3 Movies Enter. 2 Movies die. 1 Listener suffers*.

Join us as we talk surreal action packed Japanese crime-action thriller, an awesome prison break movie made better by awful miniature work and a villain with the name of a Pitch and Putt owner in offaly and a found footage movie where everyone makes the wrong decisions but makes sure to film it all - with sexy results**!

*Suffers by entertainment and laughter
**Mauling by beast

Episode 49

Moonfall (2022)

On this week's episode we shine some light the waning success of Roland Emmerich's latest endeavor with a stellar cast; Moonfall.

Join us as we try to out dodgy science talk to script, while discussing just how many NASA staff members are actually needed for a high risk mission to defend against humanities oldest foe. Was this movie another victim of the pandemic? Or were the in-movie memes & countless video game references not enough to save it? Will Warren ever believe how this movie was ever made?

All the answers to these question & many, many more are just a click away!

Terminal Force
Episode 48

Terminal Force (1995)

If you like badly designed futuristic looking costumes, over the top acting and absolutely "amazing" special effects, then Terminal Force is a must see. This 1995 action/sci-fi flick is a classic blast from the past. It's a 90's action movie that takes it's queues from other movies that were far more successful than it, such as Terminator.

Written by Nick Davis and directed by William Mesa, Terminal Force should not be missed. Check out the movie and then come back and have a laugh with us as we break it down and gush about it.

As mentioned in the episode, here is a link to the amazing She-Hulk movie that was meant to star Brigette Nielsen, who plays Ladera (our protagonist) in Terminal Force :).

She-Hulk Poster:

The Stuff
Episode 47

The Stuff (1985)

What is there was a movie that was a cross between The Blob and thinly veiled metaphors about consumerism and capitalism in the 80's? We watched the 1985 Horror/Comedy from the mind of Larry Cohen!

Join us as we talk gooey stuff, cowboy boot stuff, stuff about southern charm, stuff about advertising, a bed made of stuff, some stuff about rotating rooms, stuff about mining stuff, a good chunk of stuff about zombie stuffies deaths and a whole load of other stuff. Its pretty good stuff!


Episode 46

Exposed (2016)

On this weeks episode, we watched and discussed the 2016 crime/drama movie, Exposed. Starring Keanu Reeves and Ana De Armas and written and directed by Gee Malik Linton. The movie tells the story of a cop (Keanu Reeves) who is investigating the death of his detective partner, while also following the story of a young religious woman (Ana De Armas) and her own trials in life.

This movie doesn't lend itself to a quippy description, so what we would say with this one is, check it out if the description interests you, but if not, jump into the episode and listen to us spoil the shit out of this while having some fun, capped with an intersting little bit of a game at the end!

Thanks everyone for listening and for rating and reviewing us!

Episode 45

Hybrid (2010)

On this week's episode we ask the question what do you get if you cross the classic 90's kid show Brum with Jaws and set the whole thing in a massive garage that no one can get out of?

You get 2010's Hybrid (aka Super Hybrid on IMDb)! A... take on the classic story of a sentient car going on a murderous rampage, cause why not? If you like classic cars and dialogue as ropey as the premise, this is the movie for you!

Join us as we discuss the hardest working stuntmen in Hollywood, the accident prone set, and some of the worst puns we have ever come out with, all on this week's episode!

Episode 44

DNA (1996)

What do you get when you cross Predator, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Terminator and ...Iron Chef?  

Well you get this gem of a 90's movie, DNA! Join us as we cut through the hot jungle of this hot shit movie and chat about 11 spice KFC recipe disguised as a world saving cure, bad/great early CGI, blatant plagiarism, Dr. Carl Wessinger (ian?), another waterfall backflip explosion, cool hair, cool shirts, the dangers of capitalism and a briefcase labeled "Danger - CIA!". Really!

The Wretched
Episode 43

The Wretched (2019)

Suspense! Scares! Terror! Out of touch Fathers! This movie has one of these things.

This week we sat down and watched The Wretched, a 2019 Horror adjacent film that answer the question; what if Stephen King had a go at writing a YA novel?

Join us as we break down every nitty gritty detail of all the terror that can be found when the new neighbors start acting suspicious. Can Ben solve this incredibly obvious mystery while juggling working with his Dad on a marina he may or may not own? We'll answer all your burning questions (and try out a brand new game) on this week's episode!

Episode 42

Heatstroke (2008)

On this weeks episode of The Floptimists, we sat down and watched the 2008 Action / Sci-Fi film, Heatstroke. The film is directed by Andrew Prowse and written by Richard Manning and David Kemper.

Heatstroke tells the story of one jaded army captain, his rag-tag troupe and a model, who become embroiled into an alien plot to take over earth, by "gradually" increasing the heat of the planet. After seeing visions of these red-eyes since he was a child, Captain Steve O'Bannon must do what's needed to finally end this alien incursion of Earth.

If you like cheap special effects, nonsensical plot lines, stiff acting and all those things that makes a B movie stand out, then this one is for you!

Edge of the Axe
Episode 41

Edge of the Axe (1988)

Computers! Axes! Product placement! Twists! Shady Priests! This week we sat down to watch the 1988 movie Al Filo del Hacha - Otherwise known as Edge of the Axe!

Join us as we take a walk through the generic slasher woods of mediocrity - but with a few sharp edges*! We talk low budgets, Spanish productions, small town actors, gore effects, a sheriff that just hates his own town and the fever for slasher movies in the 80's and some baffling twists. Like, honestly, the kind that would give M. Night Shyamalan a seizure. It's ridiculous.

*Oh dear god I'm sorry for this pun. The guys said if I didn't leave it in they would cancel the show.  Send Help.

Odd Thomas
Episode 40

Odd Thomas (2013)

This week we jump into a tale of love, evil cults, & dreams of owning a shoe shop.

We watched 2013's Odd Thomas staring the late great Anton Yelchin, and the just always great Willem Dafoe, in which our titular character Odd (Yes, that's his real name) uses his powers of seeing ghosts and being best mates with a Police Chief to become the town's greatest unlicensed detective.

Join us as we discuss character development, small town customs, and Warren's budding career in producing limited series' for television. 

Episode 39

Coma (2019)

This week on The Floptimists, we watched the 2019 mind-bending fantasy/action movie "Coma" from Director Nikita Argunov. This Russian movie is a visual effects bonanza that takes queues from movies like Inception, The Matrix and Interstellar.

Coma is story about a man who awakes in a new and unusual world, in which the structure of the world is turned upside down, inside out and the laws of the universe don't apply. He must navigate this world to find out how he got here, what it means and how to get out.

If you enjoy mind-bending visuals, mind-meltingly bad dubbing and some very interesting narrative concepts, check this one out on Amazon Prime.

As mentioned in the episode, here is a link to the VFX breakdown video from the movie's director Nikita Argunov -

Split Second
Episode 38

Split Second (1992)

What if I told you there was a sci-fi movie set in the very distant future of 2008 located in a apocalyptic london starring Rutger Hauer as he attempts to hunt down a satanic serial killer but the serial killer might also be a demon from hell or maybe even just a shapeshifting mutant homeless person who lives in th- .... *takes a deep breath* ... the flooded underground of london - and rutger hauer is hunting it down this thing because it killed his partner and now they're psychically linked and he's teamed up with a stiff rookie sidekick from Scotland Yar- ... *deep breath*... Scotland Yard but he's also an expert in demon / serial killers / mutants and then they team up with his dead partners wife that Rutger Hauer was also sleeping with but stopped because he needed to track down the aforementioned demon/serial killer/mutant...  *gasps for air* ...would you believe me that this movie rules?

This week we watched the cut classic Split Second so join us as we try to unpack whatever this stacked movie is!

Episode 37

Xtro (1982)

It's The Floptimists' Father's Day special!

And what a special! We watched the cult classic Xtro, a tale of a father (Sam) kidnapped for 3 years trying to track down his estranged family and reunite with his son (Tony).

We know it sounds sweet and heartwarming, but we're actually sugar coating this alien-fueled rollercoaster of insanity and 80's violence. Join us as we discuss: Snake biology, terrible baby sitting, and this movie's connection to the band Queen.

(The whole Father's Day thing was pure coincidence. I only made the connection while writing this blurb, but hey, now we're rolling with it!)

Episode 36

Abduction (2017)

This week on The Floptimists, we booby trapped our homes with shotguns, crossbows, bear traps and of course, death traps hidden in the grass. All so we could sit down and watch the 2017 horror/sci-fi/thriller movie, Abduction (also known as Devil's Gate in some places).

When a mother and son go missing from their home/farmland in North Dakota, a cliched local sheriff's deputy and a recently arrived FBI agent go to investigate the farmland, the husband and the disappearance.

However, in a strange turn of events, the disappearance isn't all you'd expect it to be. So if you like strange entities wearing "goo-suits", terrible children's drawings, lack of procedure in your criminal cases and electricity elevators, then this movie is for you!

Sit back, grab your shotgun, your tinfoil hat and get ready for Abduction!

Episode 35

Nemesis (1992)

Cyborgs! Gunfights! Butts! Stop Motion! More gunfights! Face-guns! Explosions! Defenestration! Fashion! Even more gunfights! This week we watched a movie that's going straight to The Floptimists #1 top spot - 1992’s Nemesis!

With an absolutely stacked cast and stacked action we follow a cop forced to hunt down his ex-lover turned terrorists to stop a cyborg uprising - but can he retain enough of his humanity?

Scream of the Banshee
Episode 34

Scream of the Banshee (2011)

Join us for another SYFY channel classic, where we'll take a trip back 12th century Limerick before being rudely transported to California in 2011.

Can a group of audacious artifact archivists stand up to might of a 1000 year old head in a box that can scream you to death?

Can we get over the bad SFX, web design, & pronunciation of words in Irish?

The answer to these and a lot more questions are just a click of the play button away! 

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes
Episode 33

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (2014)

This week on The Floptimists, we discuss the 2014 action, adventure, fantasy movie, Mythica: A Quest for Heroes. Written and directed by Anne K. Black, the movie tells a story of a fledgling magician, Marek, and a rag tag band of adventurers who set out in search of a kidnapped magician, who possesses a powerful stone which they cannot allow to fall into the hands of an evil necromancer.

Mythica certainly takes it queue from other majorly successful fantasy franchises, however, still manages to have it's own charm and identity. If you've ever wondered if Ogre's could fall in love, then this is the movie for you. We break down the special effects, music, set design, aesthetic and much more!

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Scanner Cop
Episode 32

Scanner Cop (1994)

Head explosions! Cronenberg horror! Constipation! This week we sat down to watch the cult-classic Scanner Cop! 

Can Sam Staziak, using only his newly acquired skills learned on the force ...and also maybe his incredibly awkward scanner techniques, track down a cop killer in the mean streets of 90's L.A? We chat baby-sized headaches, theatrical villains, nepotism, inappropriate Cuban cigars and secret trap doors!

Lost in the Pacific
Episode 31

Lost in the Pacific (2016)

This week we're breaking down 2016's Lost in the Pacific, starring Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim vs the World) & Russell Wong (Romeo Must Die, Clifford the Big Red Dog).

Come on a journey (most of the way) across the largest mass of water on Earth, aboard the maiden flight of the largest, most fancy, high tech,  flying casino/restaurant the near future can muster.

Join us as we discuss all the usual joyful nonsense as well as the amazing value of fitting not one, but FIVE movies into the space of 89 minutes!

Kingdom Come
Episode 30

Kingdom Come (2014)

On this week's episode of The Floptimists, we discuss the 2014 horror movie, Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come is written by Greg A. Sager, Geoff Hart and A. Jaye Williams and is directed by Greg A. Sager.

Kingdom Come asks the question, what would a group of strangers do, when they find themselves inside an abandoned hospital and are confronted by the sins of their past. Will they repent or will they travel further down a dark path? 

Join us as we breakdown everything from this movie, such as it's take on the tale as old as time (good versus evil), to its' acting, music and it's overall production.

Thanks for listening!

Jungle Law
Episode 29

Jungle Law (1995)

Laws. Jungles. This move has neither. This week we sat down to watch the 1995 thriller Jungle Law which puts a successful lawyer in an incredible extraordinary scenario - eviction. 

While out on his ass he takes on a job competing in underground MMA fights so he can win back his honour - and furnishings. Join us as we chat about gentlemen loan sharks, how eviction works, bad accents, slicked back pony tail  / suit combos, steel horses and Anakin Skywalker.

(Note: at one stage I mention Michael Wincott, the lead actor Jeff Wincott's brother and then proceed to keep saying Michael when I mean Jeff. Like an idiot. Just so theres no confusion! For this dishonor I will eat a plate of bees.) 

Super Eruption
Episode 28

Super Eruption (2011)

In a disaster movie thats ripped right out of the early 90's, but er...made in 2011 - can this movie surpass the epic's of Volcano (1998) and Dantes Peak (1997)? Well this low budget disaster movie has something up its sleeve - a little old dose of ridiculous science fiction! Join us this week as we chat about photoshop special effects, 80's green screen, concept artists gone directors, bad accents, lite helicopter theft and better disaster movies! (see above)

Easter Special - Beaster Bunny
Episode 27

Easter Special - Beaster Bunny (2014)

For this week's special Easter Episode, we have a bit of a surprise. We were able to record in person, in the same room, for the first time! The world has finally returned to some form normality. However, rest assured, this week's pick is just as crazy as always and fits The Floptimists formula perfectly!

This week's film is the 2014 "Horror/Sci-Fi" movie (as per IMDB) called Beaster Bunny. Beaster Bunny tells the story of a small town that is tormented by a large bloodthirsty and malformed bunny that seems intent on destroying this town for simply hosting an Easter's Day parade, which is a thing apparently?

Sit back and enjoy this flick with your favourite Easter Egg and be sure to keep your eye out for the gratuitous violence!

Episode 26

Futuresport (1998)

In the FAR distant future of 2025 the entire world is obsessed with one single extreme sport called ...Futuresport. Really. With two superpowers at the brink of war over the islands of Hawaii its up to Dean Cain to throw diplomacy to the wind and solve this crisis over a single game of Futuresport, or risk starting WW3! Really! In this episode the guys attempt to unpack whatever this movie is trying to be, talk Wesley Snipes, head-cameras, hoverboards - and get bowled over in the process. Pun-Intended.

Bug Buster
Episode 25

Bug Buster (1998)

On this week's episode we take a trip to a sleepy little lake side town with a serious roach infestation. We watched 1998's Bug Buster, a creature feature (that takes more than a little inspiration from Arachnophobia) staring the always amazing Randy Quaid and a fresh faced Katherine Heigl. Join us as we discuss the best of late 90's special effects, cinema etiquette, & lodge layouts.

Echoes of Fear
Episode 24

Echoes of Fear (2018)

On this week’s episode of The Floptimists, we have a chat about the 2018 horror movie, “Echoes of Fear which was written and directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley and Laurence Avenet-Bradley. Echoes of Fear is your classic horror movie that follows the story of a young woman who loses her Grandfather unexpectedly after he has a heart attack in the shower. Alysa, played by Trista Roberts, then moves into the house to fix it up and sell it on, only to find out that the house holds a deep and dark secret that only Alysa will uncover. Join us as we discuss the strange events that occur in the house, the odd choices that Alysa makes to deal with them and just how shit of a boyfriend Brandon can really be.

Episode 23

Riverworld (2003)

This week the boys take a journey downriver and attempt to unpack the failed TV pilot turned movie, Riverworld. When an Astronaut is killed on re-entry and wakes up resurrected on a super-planet he's joined by other resurrected historical figures, and er... an alien. Together can they unlock the mysteries of Riverworld, and avoid the murderous native viking habitants? Join us as we talk Marlboro men, Xena Warrior Princess, Alien board meetings, Hummus from a metal tower shaped like a penis and a hairy Neanderthal thief.

Episode 22

Asteroid-a-Geddon (2020)

On this week’s episode of The Floptimists, we discuss the 2020 Action/Sci-Fi disaster flick, "Asteroid-a-Geddon", written and directed by Geoff Meed and starring Eric Roberts, Veronika Issa and Jennifer Lee Wiggins. Asteroid-A-Geddon follows the daughter of a tech billionaire and her group of specialist Metallurgists as they try to stop the impending destruction of earth from a massive asteroid. However, with a global summit convened and world governments getting involved, things start to go against the team. They must band together and convince the summit and the world governments that their solution is the key to stopping this disaster event. Join us as we discuss this crazy movie, it’s special effects, religious cults and so much more!

Murder RX
Episode 21

Murder RX (2020)

To say the 2020 Drama, Murder RX is a gem is an understatement! Join us on a trip to Oakwood, a sleepy little suburb where all subtly and nuance has been thrown out the window for chewing scenery and stares that would cut into your soul. Can one mother save her troubled daughter from the world's most obvious drug ring? We'll find out on this week's episode!

Episode 20

Cyberzone (1995)

This week the boys watch the 1995 sci-fi Cyberzone, or maybe its called Pheonix II.... or even Droid Gunner? We're not sure! Join us as we watch a movie with duster jackets, a pirate bartender, discount Clint Eastwood, underwater rich people, discount Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Sergio Leone homage, hidden derringer pistols and sex robots!

Episode 19

Preservation (2014)

This week the boys find themselves back in the woods for another nature-themed thriller and come to blows over where this movie finds itself! Join us as we discuss the 2014 horror thriller Preservation where we ponder poor camp planning, Papier mache masks, dropped plot points, special agent Cole Phelps and a bag of rattling... something.

Devil's Revenge
Episode 18

Devil's Revenge (2019)

On this week’s episode of The Floptimists, we take a deep dive into the 2019 horror movie, The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge. The film is directed by Jared Cohn, written by Maurice Hurley and stars William Shatner, Jeri Ryan and Jason Brooks.

The film tells the story of one man (John - played by Jason Brooks) who is seeking the approval of his father, (Hayes - played by William Shatner) by attempting to find and destroy an ancient relic which has cursed their family for generations. Like the tomb itself, this movie’s plot and structure is shrouded in darkness. So join us as we try to unravel its mysteries and make some bloody sense of it all!

Episode 17

Contamination (1980)

This week The Floptimists have watched Contamination, the Italian 1980’s invasion flick that never seems to know what exact genre it’s trying to go for. Join the lads as they discuss the film making, the stellar special effects, and toxic romance you’d expect from an 80’s film about killer singing eggs.

Meteor Storm
Episode 16

Meteor Storm (2010)

The Floptimists watch SyFy Channel’s 2010 take on Armageddon, starring Midnight Mass/Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Trucco. They’ll need to get through the green screens and techno babble to try and answer the question at the heart of this movie. Can an estranged divorced couple overcome their differences in a life changing event? (Finding out their daughter is in a relationship)

Dybbuk Box The Story of Chris Chambers
Episode 15

Dybbuk Box The Story of Chris Chambers (2019)

On this week's episode of The Floptimists, we sit down and open the lid on the 2019 “horror” movie, Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers. While pitched as a home movie filmed by one man, Chris Chambers, this film is actually written and directed by Joseph Mazzaferro and stars actors Chris Chamber and Sarah Bently. If you’ve ever wanted a handy guide to procuring cursed items on the dark-web, look no further. Dybbuk Box is exactly what it says on the box, the story of one man’s interaction with buyers remorse.

The Guardians
Episode 14

The Guardians (2017)

This week we watched Russia’s 2017 answer to the Avengers. Where we discuss rock fashion, the insane evil plot and superpowers that would make even Hidedo Kojima (Japanese creator of the Metal Gear Solid game series) blush. Join us as we discuss Sarik Andreasya’s superhero masterpiece, in a time when the world needs more superhero movies!

500 MPH Storm
Episode 13

500 MPH Storm (2013)

This week on The Floptimists, we discuss the 2013 Action / Adventure movie, 500 MPH Storm. This movie was directed by Daniel Lusko and written by Kuang Lee. Like all great action movies, this movie tells the story of an experiment gone wrong, that now threatens the safety of all life in America and one man, with the power of science, must get his family to safety. Strap in and listen to us rant about everything in this movie, from it’s “special effects” to its completely bonkers story. We also discuss everything about the star of the film, Casper Van Dien, from his wonderful hair to his previous roles in movies such as Starship Troopers. This one is a doozy!

Alien Strain
Episode 12

Alien Strain (2014)

On this week’s episode of The Floptimists, we talk about the 2014 sci-fi/horror movie called Alien Strain, which was written and directed by Robert Benvides Jr and Andy Palmer. This movie tells the story of a young woman who goes missing during a camping trip, only to suspiciously return to the same spot, one year later, however, not is all as it seems. Join us as we break down the finer points of Alien Strain, from it’s “acting” to it’s bizarre music choices. Ultimately we attempt to answer the question of, what the hell actually happened in this movie and what did it mean?

Armed Response
Episode 11

Armed Response (2017)

On paper this is already a masterpiece. Wesley Snipes. Action. Horror. Sci Fi. Wrestlers. Gene Simmons. Prison. Anne Heche. What could possibly go wrong? Well… join us as we discuss how it received one of those rare 0% scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

Deep Space
Episode 9

Deep Space (2017)

On this week’s episode, we discuss the 2017 movie known as Deep Space, Beyond the Trek or Teleios, depending on where and when you search for it. Deep Space is a sci-fi film that is written and directed by Ian Truitner. The movie follows a crew aboard a mining vessel that is adrift in space for two years, but things aren’t quite what they seem. We discuss the meandering and often nonsensical story of this film, it’s absurd acting, lack of special effects budget and how, much like the title of this film, the creators just couldn’t seem to quite settle on the vision for this flick.

The Killing Zone
Episode 8

The Killing Zone (1991)

There are no rules. There are no laws. There are no script editors. This week the Floptimists dive into the a story of a mexican drug lord that pisses off the wrong former supporting cast member from the hit US TV Series Gladiators and his sidekick, Mullet.

Astronaut: The Last Push
Episode 7

Astronaut: The Last Push (2012)

On this week’s episode we travelled into space with a young Khary Payton and James Madio, who are on a trek to the icy moon of Europa to investigate new life forms possibly discovered by the filthy rich and NASA hating Moffit industries. However, like all space adventures, things don’t quite go as planned. Join us as we discuss 2016’s Astronaut: The Last Push by Eric Hayden, in which we talk through one man’s struggle with loneliness, the intricacies of travel in outer space and a debate over the best type of reconstituted poop food.

Time Runner
Episode 6

Time Runner (1993)

What happens when you take an actor hot off the success of one of the biggest movie franchises of all time and put him in a fit-for-TV time-travel caper about saving the world in the past from an alien invasion in the future? Find out as the Floptimists watch a movie that doesn't understand its own time-travel rules and that Mark Hamill probably wishes time forgets!

Devil's Island
Episode 5

Devil's Island (2021)

Another young woman, another new house, and more mysteries to solve! In this episode we travel to Devil Island’s for a murder mystery, where The Floptimists must face their greatest challenge yet! How do you fill an episode about a movie where nothing happens?

Evan Straw
Episode 4

Evan Straw (2010)

After buying a new house, a young woman is tormented by a mysterious presence, her own history, and a low production budget. With the help of a team of mediums and her Aunt Gert can we solve the mystery of the Straw House?

Virtual Combat
Episode 3

Virtual Combat (1996)

This week the boys join a former US Kickboxing champion grid-running the mean streets of 1995 cyberpunk las vegas to track down and stop an evil virtual mute from releasing a horde of other virtual kickboxing champions! We break down the impossible helicopter explosions, virtual sex machine lobbies and Rip Taylors of it all.