The Floptimists
Double Suspicion
Episode 59

Double Suspicion (1994)

Our first special guest episode - featuring Andy Haskins!

With Dave still off for the next few eps we went and wrangled up our first guest on the show ever! And fortunately for us we also gave him the wheel and let him pick the movie - a Busey movie.

This week we cop-rolled into Double Suspicion - a movie that asks the question "is a 3 minute long sex scene with Gary Busy compelling?". Join us as we talk defenestration, butter knife scalpels, male stripping, Sex and the City, dutch angles, sexy spooky synth, phantom smoke, competitive rowing and so much more!

Other Episodes

Martial Outlaw
Episode 66

Martial Outlaw (1993)

Oh shit. Its another Jeff Wincott flick - you know what that means! Stick fighting action, 10 on 1 mayhem, crooked cops, useless police chiefs, ill fitting suits, filthy LA, table body slams and Jeff fucking Wincott!

Join us as we take a look at the next feature from the Wincottalogue, following straight after the awesome entry that was Mission of Justice. Does it stack up? Does it increase the action? Does it include more stick fighting!?

Lets. Find. Out.

The Core
Episode 65

The Core (2003)

After dipping our toes into the world of artist movie making last episode, now we're sending the show on a downwards trajectory and watching 2003's CGI challenged,  disaster/exploration movie, The Core! A tour de force featuring a cast so jam packed with talent (Aaron Eckhart, Hillary Swank, Stanley Tucci), they didn't even have the budget for a peach.

Seriously, go watch this movie! NOW!!!

And after you've had the greatest visual 2 hours of your recent memory,  join us for a deep dive into a movie Dave calls a "hodgepodge of nonsense". Where we'll discuss the 100% legitimate science, the leaps & bounds hacking has made since the millennium was only new, & Ian's obsessive note taking.

Thanks for listening everyone!

The Head Hunter
Episode 64

The Head Hunter (2018)

Hello! It's me, Dave! Hope you've all been keeping well while I was off for a little while. I am back now and this is my first pick since returning and oh boy am I off to a bad start haha.

This weeks episode covers the 2018 horror/fantasy movie, The Head Hunter from Jordan Downey. I can't stress enough that this one is really hard to write a blurb about, as the movie is quite vague in every aspect.

The Head Hunter, follows the story of one man's mission of vengeance against the monster that killed his daughter. That's about it. With this one, I would suggest listening to our thoughts first to see if this one interests you in any way at all.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Episode 63

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1986)

Rutger Hauer? Gene Simmons? Bounty Hunters? Terrorism? CIA? All the best ingredients to make an 80's action masterpiece - or does it?

This week we threw on our baggy leather to sit down and watch the 1986 movie Wanted: Dead or Alive. We talk dodgy Rabbi disguises, Nasa bombs, explosions, awful house boats, Boy Meets World, Gene Simmons drip, casual drink-driving, leather, doing shots in your car and we ponder if this truly lives up to its 60's western tv show namesake. 

Will Steve McQueen be spinning in his grave?

Episode 62

Deathstalker (1983)

On this weeks episode of The Floptimists, we watched and discussed the 1983 Action/Fantasy movie, Deathstalker. Directed by James Sbardellati and written by Howard R. Cohen. 

Deathstalker doesn't ask much of it's viewers, but it certainly makes the viewer ask, what the fuck is going on here? From boobs to chalices of ultimate power, and some other stuff in between all that, we follow the story of a lone hero, Deathstalker, on his quest to find the powerful wizard/pimp Munkar.

Some say this is a cult classic. 

You decide. Or listen to us decide, whatever works for you. Oh and Dave (me) is back.

Thanks for listening!