The Floptimists
Bug Buster
Episode 25

Bug Buster (1998)

On this week's episode we take a trip to a sleepy little lake side town with a serious roach infestation. We watched 1998's Bug Buster, a creature feature (that takes more than a little inspiration from Arachnophobia) staring the always amazing Randy Quaid and a fresh faced Katherine Heigl. Join us as we discuss the best of late 90's special effects, cinema etiquette, & lodge layouts.

Other Episodes

Dead Space
Episode 70

Dead Space (1991)

On this weeks episode of The Floptimists, we take a deep dive into the 1991, Sci-Fi/Horror movie called "Dead Space". Your host for this week is me, Dave, and of course, it makes sense that I would pick a movie with that name (shout out to all you Dead Space the game fans).

Dead Space is a pretty run of the mill space sci-fi/horror that is full of it's own charm, whimzy and all around nonsense that just makes it an absolute gem to watch in our opinion. Head over to Plex and give it go or just listen to us spoil the hell out of it and have a great laugh :)

Join us in the space sauna for this one and thanks for listening!

Episode 69

Starcrash (1978)

You've probably heard of Starcrash before - but have you actually seen it? Yea... its kind of a Star Wars rip-off - but its so much more too! Space swimming, Space cave-men, Ineffective space Amazons, giant fembots, capes, power-masks, poorly explained god-like powers, space prison and thats just scratching the surface!

Join us this week as we dive into this Italian star-wars derivative as we talk Roger Corman, terrible miniatures, awful dubbing, a young Hasselhoff and how this movie is kind of a proto-Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The Quake
Episode 68

The Quake (2018)

This week we're shaking things up and watching a disaster movie that isn't completely nonsensical! We watched 2018's The Quake (or to give it it's original Norwegian title, Skjelvet).

We've watched a lot of disaster movies over our 68 episodes, but this one really drives home the humanity of a natural disaster. And by humanity, we of course mean the ineptitude of everyone involved, be they terrible parents or equally as terrible geologists. This is the movie the Norwegian Tourist Board (probably) called: "More than concerning". With the added bonus of being a sequel to a movie that neither Dave or Ian knew existed until we recorded this.

So join us, as expert Warren guides 2 dumb-dumbs on a journey with a wander down memory lane, a few meanders, and more than a few name drops of that hotel with the colour in it's name, you know the one...

Jurassic Valley (Kingdom of The Dinosaurs)
Episode 67

Jurassic Valley (Kingdom of The Dinosaurs) (2022)

This week on The Floptimists, we managed to sit around the table together to record this belter of an episode! Our movie for this episode is Jurassic Valley. The 2022, Scott Jeffrey directed Action/Sci-Fi romp.

Jurassic Valley is your really just your classic action movie that wears it's inspiration on it's sleeve and gives it a good college try replicate that magic as best as possible. I will leave it to you, to decide if they achieved that goal or not!

Or, if you're not bothered with that, just listen to the episode and hear us talk about this one extensively while it's on the tele in the background (sorry for so many TV references folks :P)

As mentioned, we recorded this one in person so we apologise if there is any audio fuckery but I (Dave) edited this one and I think it turned out pretty good :) make sure you listen to the end, for some nonsense.

Martial Outlaw
Episode 66

Martial Outlaw (1993)

Oh shit. Its another Jeff Wincott flick - you know what that means! Stick fighting action, 10 on 1 mayhem, crooked cops, useless police chiefs, ill fitting suits, filthy LA, table body slams and Jeff fucking Wincott!

Join us as we take a look at the next feature from the Wincottalogue, following straight after the awesome entry that was Mission of Justice. Does it stack up? Does it increase the action? Does it include more stick fighting!?

Lets. Find. Out.